Creating Copy that Converts: Why Copywriters Need to Know Conversion Rate Optimization

See why CRO is the new must-have skill for copywriters by increasing the impact your copy provides.

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One of the problems of being a copywriter is being undervalued for the special skills you offer. It’s hard to justify your fees when clients view reading and writing as a skill everyone shares. Clients are quick to critique your work because they don’t understand your words are actually chosen to help them meet their marketing goals. The only way you can prove your worth is to show them you are not just attracting visitors, but also converting them into customers.  

While your flow, creativity, voice, and information might be the reason clients think they hired you, showing them how far your copy takes visitors down the sales funnel is the best way to show your worth. That’s why you need to know Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO helps show your clients you are not just a “wordsmith”, but instead, you are a marketing conversion expert. Here’s why you need to know more about CRO.

Testing Ideas to Improve Conversions

While the average copywriter tends to deliver their copy and disappear, the savvy CRO copywriter remains diligent in continuing to generate revenue from past clients. Because CRO brings such valuable insight to the table, your value continues when you can demonstrate how to improve your copy to meet a target’s changing needs. The best way to do this is by testing and improving elements of your copy.

AutoOptimize allows for conversion copywriters to test different versions of their headlines, copy, and sentence structure to find which variations resonate best with their audience. As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same goes for copy. While you can say the same thing in a number of ways, you’ll see varying responses for each. If you use AutoOptimize to test different versions all at once, you can spot the winner and let clients know which version to use. You can even show results should a client make changes on their own, proving your copy works best. You become a “data-driven copywriter” using visitor behavior and feedback to improve website conversions.

AI-Powered Solutions for CRO

Suddenly you can continue testing copy elements with very little effort. Your copy continues to change and improve customer experience because you’ve created a unique value proposition as a copywriter/CRO expert. This far outshines the SEO copywriter who relies on keyword research and only delivers rankings. You deliver website conversions that translate into revenue. AI-powered solutions using a tool like AutoOptimize provides superior copywriting based on science and measurable results.

Creating Copy that Converts

Considering 80 percent of readers will read your headline, yet only 20 percent will continue reading, your headline has to make an excellent first impression. Because headlines are so important, testing their CRO is critical. Conversion copywriting isn’t easy. Your copy must relate to your audience, identify their motivation, lay out their problems, and then present the product as the ultimate solution. You also have to be able to foresee all manner of objections and overcome possible customer anxieties. So, while you can test different headlines to persuade someone to click a link, the rest of your copy must focus on conversions. The ability to quantify your efforts, as all marketing experts must, gives you more credibility and justifies clients’ investing in your services. You go from a one-off copywriter to providing an ongoing marketing service. Your A/B testing provides you with a new business opportunity while helping you leverage your relationships with existing clients. 

The Bottom Line of Writing Copy That Converts

You provide a service that clients use to draw more visitors to their websites. So, for all intents and purposes, you offer a marketing service. While you might not want to become a data whiz, CRO goes beyond data. You still rely on your creativity and ability to manipulate words with one major difference: You now see how your words affect your audience and adapt copy to improve website conversions. Sure, you can decide to include a list of variations on your copy, throw in some keyword research and recommend your clients run tests to get the best results. But will they actually do it?

More so, will they even be willing to pay extra for something that entails more work for them? However, as a CRO copywriter, you include CRO as part of your service offering next level copywriting. You stand behind your work; with a guarantee, you will write copy that converts. The bottom line is if a company invests in copywriting services, but doesn’t invest further in measuring how it performs, they really are wasting their marketing dollars. However, when you take the time to use A/B testing to improve CRO, suddenly your clients have made a far wiser investment and will see improvements in their ROI.


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