How Customer Testimonials can Increase your Website’s Conversions

Learn tips on obtaining & crafting a powerful testimonial to increase customer conversions.

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Your customer testimonials are one of the most important pieces of information you can put on your website and landing pages. Customer testimonials are 89% more effective in increasing conversions rates than any other single element on your page. So what makes a good customer testimonial? We’ll walk you through the different types of testimonials and how you should present them to you customers. 

Testimonials vs. Reviews. Aren’t they the same?

Testimonials are different from user reviews. Reviews are simply users' opinions that they provide independent of the business, they can be both positive as well as negative. On the other hand a testimonial is a carefully crafted statement that businesses use to highlight the positives of their product / service. Testimonials are garnered by the company asking their best customers to provide insights on the product. 

Why testimonials matter

The goal of every testimonial is to convey a sense of credibility in the product/service by showing potential customers how previous customers used and loved the product. Very few customers like to feel that they are the first ones using a new product. They prefer to know that the product has been tried and tested by other customers and they have in turned recommended it for future use. 

3 elements every successful testimonial has 

  1. Addresses pre-purchase anxieties

The testimonial should share the customers' doubts, hesitations or difficulties they faced before they purchased your product. 

  1. Addresses client’s results post-purchase

The customer shares the results the product gave to them after they have used it. They should discuss how the product eliminated any of the negative pain points they mentioned during #1.

  1. Addresses the experience; how the felt

The customer should discuss how they felt while they used the product and when they achieved their results. Did they feel more insightful, confident, happier? 

How do I get a good testimonial from my customers?

Customers are busy, they may not have the time to speak at length with you or to write a carefully scripted post. Being able to gather the key points in a 5 minute phone call will be imperative for you in crafting a successful testimonial that is authentic and powerful. 

Here are a 6 questions you can ask your customers that will help yield a great testimonial:

  1. What was your hesitation that prevented you from buying this product?
  2. What did you discover as a result of using this product?
  3. What specific feature did you enjoy most about this product?
  4. What are 3 benefits of this product?
  5. Would you recommend this product? If so, why?
  6. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

By asking these questions, you’ll be able to gather enough information to form a testimonial that will help future customers decide to purchase your product.

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