How To Increase Revenue With CRO

See how using CRO will enhance your business offerings by increasing the revenue your clients generate from the traffic you bring in.

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 Your clients hire you to send more traffic to their website. However, they also expect this traffic will increase not only lead generation but revenue. Reasonable or not, delivering on this expectation can be a little tough. You have to create ads that attract the right target and provide a landing page that hits the message home in a manner that increases conversions.


Even if you manage to get some form of conversion, such as say downloading content, or signing up for emails if this doesn’t result in revenues, chances are your clients won’t feel you are doing your job. The answer to your problem and their prayers is using CRO to help increase revenue.

Why CRO?


While you might know what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is, if you haven’t been using it, it’s magic has so far eluded you. A common mistake many digital marketers make is failing to take their service to the next level by bringing value-added CRO into the mix. Often it seems to be either too much work, too much time, or too much additional spend you don’t want to recommend to your clients.


As a result, you miss out on the benefits of creating ideal ads and landing pages designed to convert visitors and clicks that generate online sales. You need the insight to set that profit train in motion, but you don’t seem to have the affordable means to do so. However, with the right tools, you can do this and even add a new revenue stream to your own business.

Why Google Analytics Isn’t Enough


Many digital marketing services depend on Google Analytics to gain more control and understanding of their ad campaigns. However, while it does provide insights and is easy to install, it falls short because it doesn’t track both forms and fields on your clients’ websites as it is unable to export raw data. And this is where the meat and potatoes of your information lie. It also takes some skill to wade through the data, not to mention a lot of time. This eats into your hours spent, which really isn’t billable time.

Finding the Magic Recipe to Convert


At the heart of CRO is effective information. You need to find the best combination of colours, words, layout, and CTA, and then tie that to your clients’ various target audiences. This is no easy feat, as your client might have multiple target audiences, and you might also want a quick way to drill down on what these audiences want. It’s all about reaction, and getting the desired results: lead generation to generate online sales.


The only way to find the magic recipe to convert is to test, test and test some more. With testing, you see where results improve or worsen, and continue to make improvements until you increase sales. But this is very time-consuming requiring all kinds of versions of ads and landing pages. If changes could be templated and automatic, your job would be easier, and your results would be effective.

How to Use A/B Testing to Improve CRO


While you are using CRO to increase revenue, you need to use testing to improve CRO. One of the most effective testing methods is A/B Testing. This is an involved form of experimentation that allows you to make simple comparisons between different mixes of webpage elements. You show different versions of the page to similar audiences and see how each version performs.


While it sounds highly time-consuming, the important thing is that it works. As you see how each element of the page performs, you can keep the best performer, and discard the losers. As you add each best performing element, your results improve. Finally, you will create the winning page, with the top-performing elements creating the ultimate page for conversions.

Automating the Process


When starting out in A/B testing it can seem a daunting task. However, if you automate the process using effective software, you can use templates that create logical comparisons that continue until you achieve perfection. As your experiments are run, you keep an eye on the progress watching the results achieved through the different variants of your selected element. When a winner is declared, it is automatically set as the default for all viewers and you’ll always know where the improvements are made with email notification. If clients voice concerns you are messing with their website, you can show them the results and also show them nothing is interfering with their website setup.


While automation might seem far too simple, using standard automated A/B testing provides excellent results. Not only do you have a 30% higher chance of generating revenue for your client, but you are also better utilizing the ad spend.


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