What Experiments Can AutoOptimize Run?


  • Test different headlines
  • Test different subheadlines
  • Add sign-up takes less than 60 seconds to subheadline
  • Add wavy underline under headlines
  • "I wish i could" headline generator
  • Show specific numbers in headline
  • Adding an as-seen-on-tv image beside the headline
  • Change headline color to red


  • Different button colors
  • Different text for signup buttons
  • Hiding order form/button until end of video playback
  • Order form shown immediately vs order button with hidden form
  • Add it's free besides signup buttons
  • Benefit buttons instead of task based (Increase Conversion Today vs Signup)
  • Add X signups so far under call to action button
  • Re-affirm that your information will never be sold or given away under opt-in form


  • Add pop-over opt-in form when moving mouse outside page boundaries
  • Add "who this is for" section at the top
  • Pop up opt-in form on click vs. Opt-in form visible
  • Navigation bar vs. no navigation bar
  • Big annoying yellow button at the top of the page
  • Add a social proof widget that pops up in the corner
  • Add a subscribe bookmark triangle in the top right corner


  • Convert testimonials to facebook style testimonials
  • Adding countdown clock to create urgency
  • Badges such as free shipping, 100% secure, 30-days money back guarantee, etc.
  • Show comparison table with other comparable products in the market
  • Show price as per day instead of per month or per year and combine it with less then a (example: cup of tea)


  • Call to action button above videos
  • Testimonials stacked below videos
  • Spoiler box below videos
  • Increase size of sales videos
  • Add/remove full video controls
  • Auto-play vs. No auto-play
  • Floating video as user scrolls down page
  • Move opt-in form beside videos
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