The no-code web page optimizer.

AutoOptimize was built with ease and simplicity in mind. That is why you don’t need to know code to optimize and test new content for your web pages.

How we optimize your site without touching your code.

Set up the AutoOptimize Pixel

Once you’ve set up all your experiments, we’ll ask that you place the AutoOptimize Pixel on your website. You can do this by copying the line of Javascript we’ll send to you, and place it in the header section of your website’s code.

We keep your code intact

Instead of changing the original code of your website, AutoOptimize uses our Pixel to adjust the content of your site based on your inputted experiments.  That means your HTML code will always remain intact.

Fast load times

AutoOptimize’s breakthrough engineering allows your optimized web page to load in under 90 milliseconds. This ensures a seamless user experience for each of your visitors.

"Autooptimze is clearly a new player on the CRO market. But their philosophy of split testing was exactly what I was looking for and missing at other company's.
You should give it a try and will love it fast.
And their support is fantastic."

Chris Schaap

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