High performance.
Templated for you.

AutoOptimize comes standard with 50 templated high performing A/B tests, so you no longer have to guess which elements or experiments you should test ever again.

Setting up an experiment has never been this easy.

Select the element

Using the editor, select the elements on your web page you wish to test. Select headlines, images, buttons etc., you can select as many as you wish to test.

Input your content

After selecting which elements you’d like to test, input the content you want to optimize for. If you selected headlines for instance, you can add several different headlines to test.

Launch your project

Once you’ve added all your content to test, select start and let AutoOptimize handle the rest. You’ll be able to see in real-time the progress of your projects via your project dashboard, and once one of your tests has been successful, we’ll email you immediately.

A/B testing built for you.

Test different headlines to caputure your audience. Base your tests off of different customer personas or pain-points.
Test static vs. animated headlines; add underlines and new formated text to make your headlines standout.

Swap in and out different video and images to test different messaging types.
Testing has shown that placing your sales video underneath your ‘Add to Cart’ button has increased conversion rate by 38%!

Don’t let your buyers think they’re alone, adding social proof elements such as customer testimonials or a facebook comment section allows your prospective buyers to feel confident in purchasing your product or service.

More social proof experiments are available on the platform.

Test different button colors to make them more promiment for prospective buyers. Swapping the color of your buttons has proven to show a 34% increase in your conversion rate.

"I run a small digital marketing agency, and before we found AutoOptimize, our funnel optimization (CRO) was kind of ad-hoc and random. With AutoOptimize it is so simple to plan and schedule a bunch of optimization experiments. Within our first week of using it we manage to increase conversion rate with 30%, resulting in a quite significant ROI bump."

Harald Roine, CEO

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