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Automatically Optimize your Site Conversion Rate
AutoOptimize magically improves your website's conversion rates by running a series of 50 proven A/B experiments. Your website evolves by learning from every user interaction!
Early access invitations are rolling out soon — get on the waitlist!
Early access invitations are rolling out soon — get on the waitlist!
Early access invitations are rolling out soon — get on the waitlist!
  • Test different headlines & subheadlines
  • Animated vs Static Headline
  • Hiding order form/button until end of video playback
  • Order form shown immediately vs order button with hidden form
  • Auto-play vs non-auto play video
  • & 45 more experiments!
The Founder's Story
The year was 2012 and my SEO software business was gonna do $3MM in profit that year.

But I felt so guilty... Because I knew it probably could've been $4MM. With the exact same offer. Same traffic. Same everything.

All I had to do was optimize my damn sales page.

I knew that even a small thing like changing the color of the button on the page would move the needle. But I didn't have the time. I had a whole business to run.

I remember this one time I actually tried setting up a couple of split tests using Optimizely. It took me an hour to setup a simple test (I changed the color of the signup button). And then... I forgot about it!

It was gonna take me a week at least to see the results of my test. And a week later, I had moved on to doing much more important things.

I asked myself if I should hire a conversion optimization firm. I could afford it. But they charged thousands of dollars and how did I know they were any good?

Fast forward a few years after I had sold that business and retired for a few years. I was looking to get back into something. And luckily, right around that time I came across a book that was showing the results of 108 different conversion experiments someone ran on their different websites.

As I was flipping through it, I kept asking this from myself - how the heck was anyone supposed to actually implement all this on their own sites?

To make matters worse, the author kept saying I can't just apply the results of these experiments to my own page. I had to test them. Because they work amazing some times. And not so much other times.

Did he seriously expect people to setup one experiment... wait a week or two... look at the results... start the next one... and do this 107 more times?!

I doubt it.

I definitely knew I wasn't going to. I'm a programmer. And I don't do the same thing 5 times let alone 108 times without automating it in some way.

So a light bulb went off in my head 💡

What if I made a tool that automated all that for me?!

I did some quick math. Even if the tool had 50 experiments (not the full 108), and each improved my conversion rate by even 1% on average (1% is crazy low btw). Everything in the book was supposed to give a 10-20% MINIMUM boost. But even if we roll with 1%. That's 1% to the power of 50. That's a 64% lift (worst case scenario!)

That $3MM I did in 2012 could've been $4.92MM!

I left $2MM on the table! Because I didn't have this tool.

And while the guilt of that will continue to eat at me. It won't need to eat at you because over the last 2 years that's exactly what I've set out to build.

And it's almost ready now.

It's that tool that I wish I had back then. I took 50 of the best experiments from that book (and a couple other places) and automated them.

So you set it up once by answering a few questions (take you max an hour) and then you let it run for weeks/months (depending on how much traffic you get).

And it slowly improves your conversion rate. Totally by itself.

Once it determines an experiment is improving your conversion rate, it applies it to the page permanently and then starts the next experiment.

One after the other. 50 times.

By the end of this process, your page has magically doubled it's conversion rate (at least!)

There's no way you could do this manually while keeping your sanity.

And hiring a conversion optimization firm for this task would cost you a fortune.

Great thing is, you don't need to be making $3MM per year to use it. You could use it if you're making $30,000 per month, $3,000 per month, or even if you're making $300 per month.

Doesn't matter. The principal is the same. You NEED to test, otherwise you're leaving money on the table. HEAPS of it!

We're getting ready to launch AutoOptimize. If this is something you've been wishing for, request an invite and we'll add you to our waitlist.
Areeb Bajwa
Founder, AutoOptimize
Areeb Bajwa
Founder, AutoOptimize
Early access invitations are rolling out soon — get on the waitlist!
Early access invitations are rolling out soon — get on the waitlist!
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