How AutoOptimize Can Help Digital Marketing Agencies Grow Their Business

How agencies can use CRO to increase leads

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February 25, 2023
How AutoOptimize Can Help Digital Marketing Agencies Grow Their Business

When growing your business, there are two key factors that are necessary when acquiring new clients, and they are: your ability to generate new leads and your capability in closing them.

Lead Generation & Closing Sales

When approaching potential new clients, it’s your role as the agency to wow them by showing them the breadth of your expertise and what services you can offer them. 

While knowledge in paid acquisition and SEO are deemed table stakes, your ability to differentiate yourself from other agencies lies in your ability to enhance secondary services. Beyond A/B testing ad creatives and ad copy, little testing and optimization is done on actual landing pages or websites. Constrained by time and resources, most agencies will focus budget and ad optimization to deliver qualified leads or sales at the lowest cost possible. But is there still more that could be done? Absolutely! 

On-page optimization is often overlooked as the costs associated with hiring a dedicated conversion rate optimization specialist and the mere cost of optimization software are both high. Tools like VWO and Optimizely can easily run into the hundreds and thousands of dollars per month respectively. However, CRO services are an added revenue stream for agencies. Not only can you provide your customers with a greater amount of leads, you can also provide them with increased revenue. CRO, if done correctly, will not only increase your client’s lead velocity rate (Amount of qualified leads incoming MoM), but also their MRR while decreasing their CAC, which in turn improves their ROAS. 

Selling CRO to clients is a hard sell as most may not understand what the nature of the work is, however, by grouping it in your package, not only will you offer them high quality ads for their campaigns, but you can guarantee them conversions. 

This is where AutoOptimize comes in; your agency doesn’t need to hire a CRO specialist to build and test experiments, our tool does all of the hard work! Simply input the content you wish to test for, and let AutoOptimize handle the rest. Our platform will automatically test your content, and notify you when an experiment has been deemed a winner (one experiment has generated more conversions than another.) 

If you’re ready to start offering CRO services to your clients in a fast, efficient and affordable manner, click here to book a quick and free demo.