What Kind of Navigation Bar Experiment Does AutoOptimize Perform?

Navigation Bar can help visitors quickly find the information, or it could distract them. Read how AutoOptimize performs Navigati

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February 25, 2023
What Kind of Navigation Bar Experiment Does AutoOptimize Perform?

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A navigation bar is a key element in a website. It helps visitors to find the information they need and navigate around the site easily. A well-designed navigation bar can improve the user experience and make it easier for people to see what they are looking for. But at the same time, it could become a distraction and may move users away from the landing page.

Let’s discuss how AutoOptimize experiments with Navigation Bar:

Hiding Navigation Bar:

This experiment removes the Navigation bar usually located at the top of a website.

After hiding the navigation bar

The purpose of this experiment is to remove "distractions" (i.e., Menu Buttons)  and simplify your website.

Although this might seem unusual at first, the experiment actually prevents your website visitors from randomly browsing your website and forces them to focus on the content that you have below.

When visitors land on your landing page, they choose to either remain and consume the content or leave because it does not interest them. The more the user clicks around, the higher the chances they will become confused and unable to decide.

Examples of content that your visitors may focus on as a result of removing the Navigation Bar can be: watching a video, reading a headline, filling out a form, or clicking on a button.

Pro Tips:

  • This experiment will likely work well for landing pages/pages that feature a single product.
  • This experiment may not work well for web pages that showcase many different products/services because visitors will need to navigate to each option (e.g., Homepage).
  • Before trying this experiment, make sure your Navigation Bar doesn’t contain any vital information/buttons.