About AutoOptimize

We are the AutoOptimize team, and we believe that the most effective way to increase your conversion rate is through A/B testing. That's why we created AutoOptimize – a powerful automated A/B testing tool that gives you access to 50 high-performing templated A/B tests that have been proven to increase your conversion rate by 30% within 90 days. 

We understand how important it is for businesses to maximize their conversion rate and reach their goals. Our team is passionate about giving you the power to optimize your web pages in order to get the best possible results.

Meet the Brains Behind AutoOptimize:

Areeb Bajwa


Areeb Bajwa launched SEnuke in 2008 before most people knew what SEO really was. He created a tool to help people improve their websites' ranking by automating link building on free web properties. 

He ended up selling it to thousands of people with almost $20MM in revenue to date with zero investment.

His latest project is AutoOptimize which magically improves a website's conversion rates by running a series of 50 proven A/B experiments. Since the launch, he has helped thousands of customers improve their conversion rates on autopilot.

Mustafa Patel


Last year Mustafa Patel added millions of dollars in revenue to our client's & partners' businesses as a direct result of our corporation's efforts. He is a Two Comma Club award winner too.

He specializes in lead generation using social media and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

He has managed millions in ad budgets annually for his clients and partners, achieving the highest ROI possible using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter ads.

And now he is working on AutoOptimize to make it the next big name in the market.