A Fast Option to Boost SEO Conversions: Conversion Rate Optimization

Go beyond content that drives traffic, put forth content and strategies that drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

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February 25, 2023
A Fast Option to Boost SEO Conversions: Conversion Rate Optimization

A lot of a company’s conversion rates fall on the shoulders of website speed. In fact, slow pages are the number one issue mobile users complain about. As well, 79 percent of customers “dissatisfied” with a site's performance are less likely to buy from them again. But is making sure pages load fast the only thing to worry about? Actually, no it isn’t. Right up there in importance is conversion rankings. Google just loves pages that see a lot of conversions. And for good reason.

If the content on those pages is leading to conversions, they must be providing the users with the exact information they need. So, it all boils down to fast loads and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). If you’re in the business of providing SEO content, helping clients boost SEO conversions will improve your results.

Get Expert Marketing Insights Delivered

Your job is to deliver high-quality organic traffic as part of your clients’ digital marketing strategy. Those high result keywords tend to rely on high purchase intent keywords. However, finding those keywords can be tough when you depend on the basic tools available. The keywords are also highly competitive. Therefore, you need a tool that allows you to perform A/B testing so you can try different CTAs and headlines to find the ones that improve conversions. AutoOptimize allows you to run A/B tests on your content so you double what you offer clients:

  • You drive organic traffic with exceptional content, BUT also
  • Help convert those visitors into paying customers

While your competitors remain focused on the content side of things, you provide an edge. Your analysis backs up why your blog post content is leading to conversions, not just improving rankings. As you continue to test, your content improves, driving visitors to answer your clients’ prescribed call to action.

Improve Your Content’s Readability

While you want to implement changes to help boost your clients’ SEO efforts, it’s not uncommon to come up against some arguments. Clients might feel your suggestions don’t quite fit on their site or find recommended placement isn’t what they expect or even want. However, if you can improve your content’s readability by A/B testing “behind the scenes” so to speak, you can prove your content ideas are based on fact without interfering with their branding or design.

With proven tactics to improve readability, you can demonstrate your ideas don’t negatively impact visitor experience, but instead improve the experience and actually lead to conversions. Your CRO backed content helps you drive more organic search traffic to the website to meet client need.

Conversion-Improving Features 

Knowing what to compare requires conversion improving features that stand out to visitors. When using a tool like AutoOptimize, you can learn what is working in your blog post content so you can focus on those features. For example, you can test different headlines and sub-headlines on the blog posts and see where rankings improve. You can compare whatever you wish, and have data to back up your assumptions, or disprove what clients think is working is in fact not performing as well as they think. Experimenting with a long list of content and landing page features allows you to streamline your approach to content creation, developing a formula proven to work.

Whether it’s inline CTAs vs sidebar elements, or how well buttons work on blog posts, you seamlessly discover how to create content that converts without interfering with your clients’ websites. Your findings come to you independently of the CMS being used. As a result, your content improves, and you continue to deliver valuable service that becomes more effective week after week.  

Increase Conversions with Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting helps provide the most appropriate content based on expectations from a country, state, city or even to a more finite area. When you use geo-targeting, your content becomes as relevant as possible. This is important to global companies but can apply to any business wanting to reach their ideal audience in the most meaningful way possible. Using familiar language, local imagery, or simply content that will resonate more with people in different areas helps lead to conversions as you meet needs more effectively. Through A/B testing, you can show your results to your clients, so they are more willing to invest in geo-targeting content.

Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates 

If you deliver on enhanced content to increase conversions, and your clients use standard tricks to help improve conversion rates, together you create content for a website that effectively improves sales. Ecommerce tactics such as enabling website caching, optimizing CSS delivery, using optimal graphics formatting and leveraging browser caching all help your clients meet their marketing strategy goals.

However, when you use A/B testing to continue to improve your clients’ CRO you become a valuable marketing tool they won’t want to lose.


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