Why Product Videos are Powerful Tools to Convert Customers

Learn how to create product videos & how they help increase customer conversions

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February 25, 2023
Why Product Videos are Powerful Tools to Convert Customers

The demand for video by audiences has quickly been increasing as a result of easy-to-use video viewing platforms. Customers today default to videos to explain concepts rather than articles. That is why it’s so important to ensure your landing pages and websites have quality videos that explain your product or service in a clear and succinct manner that both entertains and educates your customers. Plus with the ease of sharing on social platforms, customers are likely to share entertaining and informative videos with their own audience, making you a viral sensation. So what makes a good product video? Here are some tips. 

How videos help increase conversions:

  1. Videos make companies appear more trustworthy.

 Nearly 58% of customers surveyed said that videos make brands and companies appear more trustworthy. It makes the product easier to understand and helps provide context. Plus good videos take time & resources to produce, so customers interpret that investment as a quality product. 

  1. Videos help customers make decisions.

Over 90% of customers surveyed said that watching a product video helps them determine whether or not they purchase the product. If you’re offering multiple products and customers have to choose between them, a clear and informative video stating the benefits and differences between each product can remove any mental barriers a customer may go through when trying to decide which of your products to purchase.

Tips for creating a great product video:

  1. Show your product, don’t describe it

Your product video is a how-to, not an explainer. With an average length of 30 - 60 seconds, don’t waste time explaining how the product operates, show your customers how they can use it. Moreso, showing how customers use it to overcome a particular pain-pont provides a powerful narrative.

For example, if you’re selling travel deals; instead of showing how your product finds the cheapest flights via search queries, show how quickly a customer can find those cheap flights. The latter directly addresses a customer pain point of limited time. 

  1. Know your audience

Make sure you have a clear sense of who your target customer is. Developing customer personas are necessary to help you understand the unique pain & objection points a particular customer segment will face. Product videos should be tailored to your customer persona, it’s best to be specific rather than broad. If a customer feels that your product was made for them and their unique needs, they will more likely purchase your product. 

  1. Ensure testimonials / results are realistic

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when trying to sell their product is that they over-promise what the product can actually deliver. The days of “200%+ increases'' are over; customers are leery of company claims and are often dissuaded by exorbitant claims and promises. With an abundant amount of resources for customers to voice their frustration or anger at your product if it doesn’t deliver the results you promised, the threat of tarnishing your brand image is more present today than anytime before. Stay truthful and honest, your customers will appreciate that. 

  1. Ensure video length  are under 2 minutes

Attention spans are limited; keep your product video succinct and to the point. 

  1. Include a Call-to-Action

Provide your audience with actionable steps after they watched the video. If your goal is to have them book a demo, include a link, or a self-sign-up/purchase button so they know where to go after they watched the video. 

  1. Make sure its professional & high-quality

Video production is one area you don’t want to skimp costs. Ensure the video is professionally made with quality audio-visuals. Videos that appear amateurish will tarnish your brand image; customers may not trust your company or the quality of your product. 

Now that you’ve got a great video, time to place it on your web page / landing page. See how customers interact with it and watch how a quality video can increase your conversions today.