How This Agency Owner Helped ONE Client Increase Conversions by 259%

CASE STUDY: Oasis Optimization

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March 23, 2023
How This Agency Owner Helped ONE Client Increase Conversions by 259%

CASE STUDY: Oasis Optimization

Using AutoOptimize, Adam was able to help his clients convert more visitors into leads while saving time and mental effort.

Overall Increase in Conversions: 270%

Most Successful Experiment: Different Subheadlines

The number Of Experiments Completed: 10

Scenario Before Using AutoOptimize:

Oasis Optimization has been helping sixfigure small businesses, eCommerce stores, coaches, and consultants scale their revenues by creating, building, and optimizing sales funnels profitably.

As a smaller agency, the overhead cost of hiring a CRO specialist just to set up A/B tests

on his clients' sales funnels would not have been economical - and so Adam was forced to juggle yet another role in his business.

Adam’s Greatest Obstacle:

Using the built-in A/B testing features on platforms like ClickFunnels and Kartra, he was able to manually set up experiments on his own- but quickly realized a problem:

“You might set up one split test, but then you’ve got to keep track of that manually,” said Adam. “Inevitably, I would get to maybe three tests, and that would basically be it because once we got a few weeks out, my attention would be pulled somewhere else, and it just wouldn’t get done.”

So when AutoOptimize announced its initial beta release, Adam knew it was the perfect solution for his clients.

“Once I installed the code - which was just copy/paste, and went through a little bit of the training videos, it just took a couple of minutes. I just sat there, typed a few things, pointed and clicked, and it just started working.”

After AutoOptimizing:

Adam leveraged our collection of 50 templated A/B tests and ran 10 experiments across 4 of his clients’ websites to achieve an average 85% increase in conversions - just from using our tool! 

The top-performing single A/B test that increased his client’s conversion rate by 96% enabled him to subsequently test 3 different subheadlines without having manually set it up each time. And because AutoOptimize is platform-agnostic and allows unlimited domains, he was able to get the tool set up on multiple clients at the same time and started seeing results within a matter of days.

“Now when I’m in the mind space for a particular project and, for example, I want to test multiple headlines, I can load them all up at once, and AutoOptimize just takes care of it since it’s gonna run the test for all the headlines and just run the best one.”

Now, with AutoOptimize in his arsenal of agency tools, Continuous Full Funnel Optimization is something Adam is using as a selling point to attract potential clients.

What Adam’s clients are saying:

“He's a brilliant person in terms of automation and efficiency in general, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”