How This Agency Owner Lowered His Client’s Cost Per Acquisition by 50%


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February 25, 2023
How This Agency Owner Lowered His Client’s Cost Per Acquisition by 50%


Harald was able to save on ad costs and earn an additional $75,000 in revenue for his agency by auto-optimizing his clients ’ conversion rates. 

Overall Increase in Conversions: 1058% in under four months

Most Successful Experiment: Different Text for Buttons

The number Of Experiments Completed: 24

Before using AutoOptimize:

BURO Ventures has helped B2B software and tech companies acquire, educate, convert, and retain qualified leads and sales opportunities by using digital marketing and sales funnels to scale their ROI EXPONENTIALLY. 

As with any new agency, Harald had to start his business with minimal help and resources. As Harald mentions, he was the one primarily responsible for running around in search of new clients to sign on and then to deliver on an hourly basis -or a retainer.

Herald says, “I quickly figured out two things: The first thing was that I can only take on so many clients, and the second one was that I could only spend so many hours on a client in a given moment.” 

And so, it became apparent to him that to scale his business and maximize the Lifetime Value (LTV) of each client, he would have to change his entire revenue model. That’s when he shifted gears and implemented a performance-based pricing structure to charge his clients.

Harald’s Greatest Obstacle:

He says, “It was all about LTV -and increasing that. But then again, I found that there’s a ceiling to how much you can actually charge a client -given that the service is limited in terms of complexity and how much you can actually generate for the client. ” 

With this new revenue model, Harald had to take whatever steps necessary to provide his clients with the best possible results to scale his business. In one case, while optimizing ad campaigns and testing different offers helped him achieve a Cost Per Lead of $6 and a 12x ROI, there was still more he could do to help his clients earn more.

Like many agencies, BURO Ventures was leaving loads of money on the table. Harald and his team’s approach to optimizing landing pages was all “ pure manual work and no structure.

Outstanding Results After Using Autooptimize: 

Additional revenue expected in 2021: $75,000

Savings on ad spend expected in 2021: 30-35%

Hours of manual work saved annually: 200

Herald was impressed because of the fact how simple it was to set up. Basically, it was as easy as just copying the javascript code to the page. That was pretty neat and kind of a genius way to do it because you have other software that is much more complicated!


After setting up his first automated A/B testing experiment, Harald noticed a 12% increase in leads: increasing the conversion rate on his client’s website from 30% to a WHOPPING 42%. After a few more rounds of testing various button texts, colours, headlines, and more (with the least amount of effort and programming knowledge), he was able to decrease his client’s cost per lead from $6 to just $3, increasing his Return On Ad Spend from 12x to a record 25x!

For Harald, having AutoOptimize take care of the manual process of optimizing his clients ’ landing pages means more revenue for his clients AND more revenue for his agency -a win-win situation that helps everyone grow!

Herald says, “I’d say AutoOptimize will realistically be responsible for about $75,000 of the projected revenue our agency expected to earn in 2021. Most of which would be to the savings on ad spend. Had I not found AutoOptimize, I would have missed out on potential gains, and at the same time, I would have been using the built-in split-testing functionality on our various landing page builders -which in many cases, wouldn’t track properly.”

Want results like Harald’s for your own agency?

AutoOptimize is an easy-to-use optimization platform that can automatically conduct a variety of high-performing A/B tests that have been proven to increase your conversion rate by at least 30%.