Increasing Ecommerce Sales Without Increasing Ad Spend

Learn how CRO can increase your sales without increasing your ad spend.

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February 25, 2023
Increasing Ecommerce Sales Without Increasing Ad Spend

Your ecommerce site is probably facing the same old problem: How do you increase sales without having to increase your ad spend? This is a question plaguing most e-comm businesses who could use more ecommerce sales, but don’t quite have the budget to invest in attracting more customers. If you currently are running Facebook campaigns, there is a way to meet both these goals with very little effort, and more importantly, very little investment. You can keep your Facebook campaigns as is, but start CRO testing on your client’s product page to drive higher sales. You’d be surprised how easy this is to implement.

What is CRO Testing?


First, you need to understand what CRO testing involves. Conversion Rate Optimization allows you to make comparisons with different elements of your current ads to create an “uber” version that sees the best results. You can use either Multivariate testing or A/B testing to determine what brings the most valuable traffic to your e-comm client sites. The right traffic can quickly be turned into website conversions, allowing you to leverage your current campaigns without further investment.   

So How Does CRO Testing Work?


We know, we know. Testing sounds like work. But with the right software, you can be up and running instantly and use a series of pre-designed templates to make testing easy. You simply choose the area of your ad you wish to switch up and watch the numbers to see where you’re seeing the best results. It is practically effortless, and it begins with a quick setup of placing the Facebook pixel on the page(s) you want to optimize.

But Wait, Doesn’t Software Cost Money?


Well, here’s the rub. Yes, but not initially. Who wants to invest time and money in something you don’t know will even work? That is a common issue for e-comm businesses trying to optimize their budgets and their revenue. The way it works is you use the 14-day free trial to see the product in action. While 14-days doesn’t seem enough time to see the product work, it is. You can start testing immediately and see where you can get the most bang for your buck with subtle changes to your existing ads. Easy peasy.

But Won’t That Slow Down E-comm Sites?


Nope. That’s another selling point. It makes no changes to your client’s site and allows you to easily swap out elements to see how your changes work.  Suddenly you have the statistical analysis you need to see where you are winning and losing. This brings far more value to the services you offer. It is automatic, so requires little effort on your part. It provides a set it and forget it option that allows you to queue up all of your experiments and just hit play.

How Does This Increase E-commerce Sales?


When you can run CRO tests, you have a 30% higher chance of generating revenue for your e-comm clients. Not only that, but you are also better utilizing their ad spend, which translates into happy, repeat clients.

Why Not Just Optimize My Ads?


Well, that’s a good question, but how do you intend to do that? If you choose to run tests on Google and Facebook it is time-consuming and costly. Your best bet is to utilize a tool that has little impact on your time, yet still delivers convincing results that allow you to make wise decisions to optimize website conversion rates. Think of it this way: Other platforms cost an average of 20% of your client's monthly budget. It can also take a week to get the conclusive results you need to make the right decisions.


How can you generate more revenue or leads without incurring further costs for your customer? The best way is to try the test on the website level using the traffic that you've already been optimizing on Facebook. This costs less, takes a lot less time, yet won’t eat into their ad spend. You also optimize all of your active campaigns at once instead of just a single campaign. This means more traffic to your landing page(s).

I Just Need Results


Of course, you do, and that’s why CRO is the way to go. Even if each experiment you ran improved your conversion rate by 1%, after 50 experiments your conversion rate would increase by 64%. If this seems out of whack, keep in mind the product is so effective, if you don’t see improved conversions by at least 30%, you get your money back.


When you have access to software that is easy to install, offers a free 14-day trial and even provides you with a sandbox environment to get started, you need to jump on that opportunity. You don’t put your clients’ websites at risk and the trial only begins once there is traffic going through the website. It’s like a free toy to mess with yet you still reap the benefits of the results.


You don’t have to optimize your Facebook campaigns through lookalike audiences or better targeting. Instead, keep the Facebook campaigns you worked so hard to create and use CRO tests on their product page to drive higher ecommerce sales.


Start your 14-day trial today.